Offshore Surf Shop - Surf Lessons & Rentals

If you feel the draw of the ocean and want to hit the waves or learn how to surf, there is no better way than at Offshore Surf Shop. We are located steps to the sand in Carlsbad, CA. Whether you rent a surfboard and a wetsuit to venture out on your own, or take a surf lesson with one of our experienced instructors, you are just moments from hitting the water. Water is good for the soul; surfing is one of the best things you will ever do, and becomes a lifestyle for some of us.

Offshore Surf Shop offers a full selection of rental gear and surfing lessons for those who want to spend a day at the beach and/or go surfing.

Lessons & Rentals

Surf Lessons Per Person

Individual Lesson: $90.00 per person

Group Lesson $75.00 per person (2 or more students)

*Close a lesson and making it private for you or your group for an additional $15.00 fee

Beach Rentals Hour/Day

Soft Surfboards $10.00 per hour/$30.00 per day

Boogie/Body Boards $5.00 per hour/$20.00 per day

Wetsuits $5.00 per hour/$20.00 per day

Body board fins $5.00 per hour/$20.00 per day

Beach chairs $5.00 per day

Umbrellas $5.00 per day

Prices are subject to change without notice. For more information please E-Mail or call Offshore Surf Shop at 760-729-4934.